Kingtox Hygiene Solutions is a local manufacturing supplier of hygiene consumables

Quality Products

Reliable Delivery

Value for Money

Adaptable Product Ranges

No Contracts

Flexible Order Sizes

Proudly South African

We provide a range of hand soaps, hand sanitizers, surface cleaners, urinal and toilet cleaners and aerosol air fresheners conveniently filled into various sachets, bottles and cans to fit many generic dispensers available in the market in South Africa. 

We offer customised solutions to your hygiene dispensing and supply chain problems.  

We strive to provide excellent customer service, backed up with value for money, quality products. 

We offer production of products filled into a range of available packaging, with no minimum purchase quantities required.  

Short lead times. 

High demand products are kept in stock at our warehouse. 

For our customers’ convenience we sell other hygiene and cleaning products, including bin bags, dispensers, paper hand towels, toilet paper and urinal mats which are sourced from reputable suppliers.