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Kingtox supplies hygiene consumables to the commercial and industrial market. Kingtox was established in 2011 with the purchase of the Vibrant Brand. Our product range started with aerosol air fresheners and expanded to include liquid hand soap, foam soap, urinal sanitizers, urinal mats, seat sanitizers and hand sanitizer, SANS Certified with the onset of Covid-19. Most of our products are for use in washroom dispensers and their purpose is ‘Enhancing the Washroom Experience’.

We are continually adapting our product options to the needs of our customers, changes impacting on our local business environment and with new advancements in our industry, consistent with our responsive, customer-focused approach. We expanded our product options again in 2019, with the addition of quality paper products and dispensers, as a Distributor for ‘Tork’, a Swedish based company and the leading hygiene brand in Europe.

The quality of our Kingtox brands requires imported fragrance oils, packaging and componentry, with certain items sourced locally where possible. The contents are manufactured, filled and packed locally. In 2020, Kingtox became a proud member of the ‘Proudly South African’ group of companies. We distribute country wide in South Africa. 

With the onset of Covid-19, hygiene has become imperative for all businesses. Kingtox has adapted our response to the hygiene and hygiene wellness challenges of our customers in the working environment. More specifically, we help our customers with hygiene solutions, tailored to suit their purpose and pocket, supported by our well-established product options. Kingtox cc now trades as KHS – Kingtox Hygiene Solutions – to mark this shift in our company focus.

We are excited to be offering our existing and future customers the experience of Hygiene! Your way.